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Choosing the Right Care Provider for Your Loved Ones

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Choosing the Right Care Provider for Your Loved Ones

If you are choosing care for yourself or a friend or relative, your first step should be to find out about the different types of care that are available. You will then be able to make an informed decision about the best care option for your specific circumstances, taking into account your care needs and just as important, your personal preferences.

Everyone is different

Two people with the same care needs might be suited to entirely different types of care because of their individual preferences about the environment in which they would like that care to be received.

When choosing care, it is important to consider all of the options and decide which one will be most suitable for your own personal needs and preferences.

What we are all about


  • Care always available
  • Activities/outings organized
  • Company and companionship
  • Secure and safe
  • Meals provided
  • No concerns about running a house, paying household bills, etc.



  • Loss of independence - you are part of a community
  • Rooms are sometimes small
  • The quality of the home may change over time with change of owners, etc.
  • You may not get on with the other residents
  • They can be expensive

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Additional information

Close Care

Close Care is effectively sheltered housing situated within the grounds of a care home, ensuring that care is available immediately as and when required.


  • Still retain independence but with reassurance of care close by if needed
  • Facilities of main house may be available, such as communal areas, and activities and outings
  • Meals can be provided either as part of a package or at a small extra charge
  • Possibility of moving into main house if more care is needed


  • Accommodation can sometimes be small
  • Close care is still a fairly new concept, so not widely available
  • Value of the property can be affected by the success of the whole complex
  • Care in your own home
  • Sheltered Housing
  • Extra Care Housing
  • Close Care
  • Residential Care Home
  • Care Home with Nursing
  • Dual Registered Home

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Choosing the Right Care Provider for Your Friend or Relative

Residential Care Home

Care homes provide care and security within a comfortable setting. Residents are usually reasonably mobile and can manage most things for themselves. Assistance with personal care is provided. A district nurse can visit to provide limited nursing care.

Each resident will generally have their own room, furnished as they wish, often with their own bathroom. Some homes do have shared rooms as well as a cheaper option. Public rooms provide hotel like facilities. As with all things, though, some homes will be better than others - although all homes should provide a good level of care.

Before deciding on residential care, it is always sensible to view a number of homes and to discuss requirements with the Matron or Manager before making any final decision, taking into account factors such as location, accommodation, facilities offered and, of course, how much it will all cost.

Choosing the Right Care Provider for Your Loved Ones


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